Monday, May 22, 2017

Once more to Three Forks

Last week I went again to Three Forks. No luck on rhododendrons blooming this year I guess but I made a pretty nice image down at the first "hidden waterfall" before Long Creek Falls. I call it "hidden" because you have to go kind of off-trail to get there. This waterfall is a wonderful spot with a nice pool. I shot this image in both color and black and white 4x5 with my Nikkor 90mm f/8:

I like the b&w better and I think I'll print it to 16x20 in my darkroom this week.

I also found a butterfly on the way out and shot this on Portra 160VC (cropped a bit):

Also, this week I am buying the last few things I need to start hammock camping. I am excited to do a few multi-day hikes and shoot some sunrises on the AT. Here's a cell-phone shot of me trying out the JRB hammock in my backyard:

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Back to Woody Gap, Three Forks

As spring starts to bloom I've been out on the Appalachian Trail a bit looking for the rhododendrons to bloom (they haven't).

I've shot a few times here and there, at Woody Gap and Three Forks. Here's some photos:



 The above were taken with my Pentax 67ii. I went back to Three Forks on another day and hiked south towards Springer Mountain with my 4x5 and shot these:

I also shot a long exposure of this creek with my 6x ND filter:

And finally, this is my favorite photo of the day, and I made a couple of darkroom prints of it which turned out well:

Monday, May 1, 2017

Prescribed Burn - Valdosta, GA

My friend Sally has a farm in Valdosta where she grows pine trees. I was visiting Valdosta and she took me by the farm to see the trees right after they did a prescribed burn.

It was interesting to shoot the freshly-burnt tract. All photos were taken with my Rolleiflex, on Tri-X 400:



Monday, April 24, 2017

Bear on the Square Mountain Festival 2017 - Dahlonega, GA

One of the fun things about living in Dahlonega is getting to go to all of the local festivals and events. This was my first time going to Bear on the Square. Luckily I went on Saturday and missed all the rain on Sunday.

Here's some images I made with my Nikon F2 and 5cm f/2 or 80-200mm f/4.5 lenses, on T-Max 100 and Superia 200:




I also took this shot with my Rolleicord I:

Finally, I have been making some wet prints in my new darkroom of a couple of these shots. Here are some prints in the final wash: